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If you have an existing website which you're happy with then perhaps it's time to start thinking about driving more traffic to the site.

This can be achieved in various ways:

1) Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

2) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3) Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter etc)

4) Link Building

The method you choose to utilise depends on your budget and your goals. Are you looking for short term gains (PPC) or long term growth (SEO/SEM).

Before entering into any kind of promotion ask yourself this: What are you conversion ratios like?

A conversion might be a direct sale if you run an ecommerce website or an email enquiry if you're running a static website promoting your service.

The next thing to do is calculate the average price of a conversion and your average profit per conversion. These figures just need to be an estimate but will be vital in calculating the effectiveness of your campaigns.

It's all well and good performing some promotion and seeing the number of visitors to your website DOUBLE. But what if your conversion rate fell? Maybe the "new" visitors aren't as valuable as you first thought!

In order to run a successful SEO or PPC campaign CML Design will increase the number of visitors to your site while maintaining (or even improving) your conversion ratio - meaning more customers for your business!

If you find yourself looking for ways to attract more visitors to your website please ring CML Design or contact us by email to discuss your requirements - whatever your budget whether you have £100 per day to spend or £100 per year!


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