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Update/Renew Statistics & Tracking


We run an update which looks at your LOCAL SEO PERFORMANCE with the 8 individual reports and the SEO dashboard.

This includes all 8 of the individual reports + the LSA for your business or if you prefer to save money we can just renew access to the SEO dashboard and update the main LSA (local search audit) for you. We renew keyword tracking for your 5 primary keywords when you purchase a renewal for your SEO Dashboard.

Rank Tracking

By renewing your Local Search Audit we will continue to monitor your primary keywords every week.

Website Monitoring

We will also renew website monitoring which looks at your downtime and site speed.

If you need a new SEO dashboard you can order one hereplease note we kindly ask you to update the LSA (local search audit) at least per year to keep your dashboard active.


Update all 8 reports, Update LSA only